Backstage Antics

In keeping with the title of this blog, check out Ashleigh Roper's video taking you behind the scenes of Circosis. Watch as she goes through makeup and warm up, and meet the cast of Right Brain as they get up to some pre-show shenanigans. Video below or watch on YouTube here!


2nd year Hip Hop

Last week I saw four fantastic performances in the second year hip hop class. As part of the dance curriculum at NICA second year, students learn a set piece of hip hop choreography. In groups, they then add circus skills and character to turn the dance into an ensemble circus act, check out a compilation... Continue Reading →

Pretty Lights!

Our third year students have spent this week in dress rehearsals for Circosis. Dress rehearsals are very important for circus performers as the placement of lights has the potential to make an act dangerous. Here are some shots of the Right Brain cast in action! Ashleigh Roper - "Lighting in my act creates the world,... Continue Reading →

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