Mâts & Cordages

Students from the Quebec Circus school and others from around the world, have been working together to create two shows to be performed outdoors on the coast of Canada.

Quiet Moments

"Then, completely out of the blue, someone very special to me decided to surprise me by purchasing me my very own canon AE-1 film camera," Amanda Lee, a third-year student, shares her love of film. Below are her stills and beautiful writing from behind the scenes of Circosis Left Brain.  Since my schooling days I have always been... Continue Reading →

Sheep for a Week, A Circus Oz Internship

Third year NICA students Ian Richardson and Emily Gare had the opportunity to spend a week with the Circus Oz team at the start of  July. During the internship they had the chance to train alongside the cast of Model Citizens and got to perform their Showcase pieces for the big top audience. NICA Backstage caught up Ian and Emily to chat about their experiences. 

2nd year Hip Hop

Last week I saw four fantastic performances in the second year hip hop class. As part of the dance curriculum at NICA second year, students learn a set piece of hip hop choreography. In groups, they then add circus skills and character to turn the dance into an ensemble circus act, check out a compilation... Continue Reading →

Pretty Lights!

Our third year students have spent this week in dress rehearsals for Circosis. Dress rehearsals are very important for circus performers as the placement of lights has the potential to make an act dangerous. Here are some shots of the Right Brain cast in action! Ashleigh Roper - "Lighting in my act creates the world,... Continue Reading →

Acro ‘bro’ tics

Nelson and Kam are third year students at NICA who moved to Melbourne together from Port Macquarie in NSW at the start of 2015. At NICA they train hoop diving with coach Charlie Cheng and are both about to present solo hoop diving pieces in the NICA 2017 Showcase, Circosis. We had a bit of a chat with both the boys to find out what motivated them to pursue circus as a career.

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