Meet the cast of ‘Precipice’

The NICA second year show, ‘Precipice’ directed by Zebastion Hunter opens next Wednesday, the 20th of September. The cast members are all excited to share their work which has been developed during classes over the past three months. We managed to squeeze in a chat with some of the second-year students during their busy rehearsal schedule to discuss some of their show highlights.


The cast of ‘Precipice’ working with Zebastion and Meridith


Ciara Thornburn


Image result for ciara thorburn instagram
Ciara balancing on her chair stack


Ciara specialises in chair handstands and clowning. She is an experienced variety artist and a Bachelor of Circus will be the third degree she adds to her belt. She has found the theme ‘Precipice’ very relevant to her own circus career, “As circus artists we suspend ourselves precariously yet confidently over the edge on a daily basis, pushing our limits and tempting fate, as we become immune to the risks we take and the knowledge we gain. The edge of a skill, the edge of our careers, the edge of our relationships. We have made limitless sacrifices to be here, and with every day, with every action, our lives are ultimately altered from that of normal life.”


Adam Malone


Adam and Richard in the NICA forecourt


Adam has been performing circus since age 12. He specialises in hula hoops and washington trapeze. Washington trapeze is a unique apparatus that combines head balancing and trapeze. For him, one of the most enjoyable parts of the show is the score, in his own words, “The music for the show is stunning.” The cast of ‘Precipice’ will include musicians performing live on stage along with NICA’s circus students. This is a unique opportunity for NICA students as it is quite rare to work with music performed live.


Richard Fair Amendola


Richard featuring on the Precipice poster- Photographer Aaron Walker


Richard has been at NICA since he started the Certificate III program in 2014. He specialises in handstands and hoop diving Whilst most students get to perform some of each of their solo specialities the show has a strong emphasis on ensemble work. A lot of the cast have relished the opportunity to add such a collaborative show to their resumes, as group acrobatics is a staple of the Australian circus industry. As Richard shares, “I really enjoy the bigger ensemble pieces where you are getting to interact with students who you wouldn’t normally work with.”


Poppy Fairbairn


Poppy on set of  ‘Precipice’


Poppy is a dancer with 20 years of ballet training at NICA she is combing pointe shoes and adagio with her partner Zion. ‘Precipice’ involves some pretty dramatic makeup and all the NICA students have had to learn to apply it themselves. Poppy explained that they have had lessons by the show’s designer Steph Howe on how to achieve the right makeup look. There is definetly a learning curve between make-up for everyday and make-up for stage.

If you want to see all of these artists along with their talented cohort come along to ‘Precipice’ 20th – 23rd of September at the National Institute of Circus Arts.

Tickets can be purchased through the NICA website.




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